Having my kids participate in sports has been such a positive experience. Not only are they out of the house and away from their video games, they are making friends, getting exercise, and learning valuable life lessons about patience, hard work, and teamwork. If you are looking to reap the same benefits for your child, I recommend Baller 4 Life Sports Training, where I send my boys, in Huntington Beach. 

Baller 4 Life is a program run by dedicated and passionate coaches whose mission is to teach the fundamentals of basketball and to help their students develop and improve their skills. After watching a few of my son’s practices, it is so clear to see how much the coaches really care about the students and teaching the sport itself. They personally interact with each child and get in there and play themselves so the kids have great examples to follow. 

The coaches watch each child closely to assess their strengths and weaknesses, and then create drills to build and improve upon both. In return, the kids gain confidence and overcome challenges that help to prepare them for success both on, and off the court. 

This program is for both boys and girls, at any age, any skill level, and for any purpose. Many kids join just to have something fun to do, others join to get better at the game to show off during gym class, and some join with the intentions of trying out for their high school team, or maybe even continuing the sport in college. Whatever the reason, Baller 4 Life works with each child to maximize their potential and allow them to reach any of their goals. 

The Huntington Hawks is the official AAU team representing the Baller 4 Life program. This allows the kids to put what they’ve been learning and practicing into action and experience some competitive fun. 

I love watching my kids play and interact with all the other players. It is also an added bonus that after practice, they are so tired they go straight to bed and get a good night’s sleep! If you’re looking to get your child involved in something that will benefit them physically and mentally, then Baller 4 Life is the program for you. To get more information on the programs or to learn how to sign up, here is the link to their website: https://b4lsportstraining.com/. Thank you for watching and be sure to subscribe to see where we go next!